Introducing the Low-Risk
Stock Picking System that Delivered

• a 623% Gain in ULTA
• a 318% Gain in AAPL
• a 267% Gain in VRX
and Many, Many More

Dear Fellow Investor,

Would you have liked to invest in Ulta back in 2011 and see your $10,000 investment grow 623% to $72,300 today?

Would you have liked to invest in Apple back in 2010 and see your $10,000 investment grow 318% to $41,800 today?

Would you have liked to invest in Valeant Pharmaceuticals and see your $10,000 investment grow 267% to $36,700 today?

All without checking the stock market every day and worrying about the market’s ups and downs?

I’m guessing you would!

I’m also guessing you’d especially appreciate that these big gains came from the world’s most reliable low-risk investing system, the one that provided the foundation for the investments of the legendary Warren Buffett.

Introducing Cabot Benjamin Graham Value Investor

As America’s premier value-based investment advisory, Cabot Benjamin Graham Value Investor promises its subscribers a compound annual return of 20% … just like that achieved by Ben Graham and Warren Buffett.

Warren Buffett is well-known today for his investing successes, but who was Ben Graham?

He was Warren’s teacher at Columbia University in 1950.

He systemized the entire process of evaluating companies, all with the goal of finding low-risk (or no-risk) investments that would appreciate over time.

He was the author of the bible of value investors everywhere, Security Analysis.

And it’s because of the wisdom in that book that we were able to give our loyal subscribers a recommendation like Ulta Salon Cosmetics & Fragrance (ULTA).

Originally recommended in February of 2011, the stock has gained 623% and the readers are still holding for much higher gains. Here’s what we originally wrote to subscribers:

“Ulta Salon (ULTA) is a beauty retailer that provides one-stop shopping for salon products and salon services in the U.S. The company offers over 21,000 beauty products organized by category in open, self-service displays to encourage customers to touch, test and learn. Ulta offers full-service salons and a range of hair care products in all of its 389 stores. Same-store sales for the seven weeks ended January 1, 2011 increased an impressive 9.5%. Shares sell at a high price to earnings ratio of 29.4, but are well worth the expectations for 25% EPS growth during the next several years. BUY.”

That was the original recommendation. As the company continued to grow, its stock continued to rise as well, giving my subscribers a 628% gain today while the S&P 500 only gained 83% in that same period!

Our subscribers have gained almost eight times as much as the market and the stock has more room to go up!


If you bought shares of Ulta back then, you would have seen your $10,000 investment soar to $72,300 today.

This is just one of our triple-digit winners, but it’s a perfect illustration of how the Ben Graham system works in all markets. As a result, we don’t worry about what the market is doing. We know the stocks have that Margin of Safety, and we know eventually they’ll be sold for profits.

Let’s Step Back and See Where These All-Powerful
Numbers Come From

It starts with Ben Graham, whose Security Analysis is every bit as valuable today as it was in 1934 when he published it.

The book has sold over a million copies. Warren Buffet says he’s read it at least four times. Here’s an example of how we apply its teachings.

Apple was featured in Cabot Benjamin Graham Value Investor in August 2010, in a Special Feature titled Undervalued Companies with Accelerating Earnings. Here’s the original write-up on the stock.

Apple (AAPL) develops, manufactures and markets personal computers and consumer electronic products. The company’s revolutionary iPod digital music player, iTunes online music store and iPhone smartphone helped sales to increase 31% per year during the past five years, while earnings per share surged 90% per year during the same period. CEO Steve Jobs and company have a unique ability to identify what customers want, produce easy-to-use products and launch huge marketing campaigns to create demand. Apple recently introduced the iPad, a touch-screen mini-computer or ‘tablet,’ which can also run all of the applications found on the iPhone and iPod. The iPad helped sales soar 88% and EPS more than double in the latest quarter. In addition to gaining market share in the computer, smartphone and tablet sectors, I believe Apple will launch a new subscription-based TV service and a new multi-task mini-computer. I expect Apple’s earnings to grow at a rapid 24% pace during the next five years. At 14.7 times my one-year forward EPS estimate, AAPL shares are clearly undervalued.”

Even though we were wrong about the subscription-based TV service, AAPL did very well, soaring in the months that followed.

But because the business was growing so fast, Apple’s stock remained a great value!


Since the August 2010 recommendation, Apple is up 318% while the S&P 500 has gained 117%.

Our subscribers have gained almost three times as much as the market and they’re still holding!

Oh, and by the way, that Minimum Sell Price (what some analysts would call a Target Price) has been bumped up to 183.

And it’s all thanks to Ben Graham’s formulas, with a little help from computers.

How We Identify the Market’s Best Value Stocks

Now, Ben Graham didn’t use computers … so he only analyzed one company at a time. Thanks to computers, we’re able to track the market’s 1,700 best stocks, and thus stay aware at all times of the market’s best values. This is not a casual undertaking.bgv-10req

But you don’t need to worry about those details, because we do all the work and present the results, telling you in plain English what to buy and why. For every stock, we give you specific Target Prices, and we update them in every issue.

As a result, you can worry less and enjoy investing more, just like this happy subscriber:

“Since I started to follow and apply your Benjamin Graham letter, I have been able to relax and enjoy investing through thick and thin.” —P. Haywood, London, U.K.

The Best Wealth Building Advisory Ever? You Decide.

What makes Cabot Benjamin Graham Value Investor different from—and superior to—other investment advisories?

Like Ben Graham, we believe in a Margin of Safety—buying companies that are cheap relative to their intrinsic value.

“This is ideal for a conservative investor even if you are experienced and sophisticated.”
–J. C. Denton, Ph.D., Belton, Texas, U.S.A.

Like Benjamin Graham, we believe in research. To achieve returns of at least 20% a year, we screen the database of more than 1,700 value stocks. You’ll get only companies with solid balance sheets and track records of success.

Like Benjamin Graham, we believe that the secret to building wealth during economic downturns is to buy low and stay fully invested.

As they say, “You won’t catch a fish if your line’s not in the water.”

It’s worth noting that not every recommendation will be a home run. There isn’t a single wealth advisory in the world with a perfect batting average and Cabot Benjamin Graham Value Investor is no exception.

  • In its 13 years of publication, the Cabot Value Model in Cabot Benjamin Graham Value Investor has increased 255.0%, compared to increases of 98.2% for the Dow and 119.5% for the Standard & Poor’s 500 Index. (And these numbers don’t even include all the dividends that many value stocks issue!)
  • Plus over its lifetime, the Cabot Value Model has provided an impressive return of 1,111.6% compared to a return of 671.9% for Warren Buffett’s Berkshire Hathaway, and just 309.2% for the Dow Jones Industrials.

Here are just some of the winners our subscribers enjoyed in the last few years:

  • 229% in Dollar Tree
  • 192% in Fiserv, Inc.
  • 192% in United Therapeutics
  • 149% in Magna International
  • 135% in Anthem, Inc.
  • 139% in Nasdaq OMX Group
  • 133% in TJX Companies
  • 123% in Deckers Outdoor
  • 123% in LKQ Corp.
  • 114% in Trinity Industries
  • 111% in Tractor Supply
  • 107% in Disney
  • 104% in Celgene, Inc.
  • 87% in Prudential Financial
  • 78% in Corning, Inc.
  • 72% in Xerox Corp.
  • 92% in Stanley Black & Decker
  • 90.54% in Stantec
  • 71.88% in Stryker Corp
  • 91.54% in Ingles Markets


Once again, the patient long-term investor in Cabot Benjamin Graham Value Investor stocks beats the market every year!

And subscribers like Dr. van der Werff appreciate that.

Cabot Benjamin Graham Value Investor is a focused presentation of undervalued stocks of mature, high quality companies, with a history of trouncing the DJIA by 10-13% annually. I truly appreciate the crisp presentation of each stock recommended, without verbosity. Helps me focus on the underlying value of each stock and appropriateness for my portfolio of approximately 30 stocks and eight mutual funds.” -Dr. Terry J. van der Werff, Hoover, Alabama, U.S.

Our proven, market-beating system also works well identifying fast-growing companies that can deliver fast double-digit returns.

Just have a look at our most recent short-term winners and you’ll agree:

  • Alphabet, Inc. up 41% in 10 months
  • FedEx Corp. up 53% in 18 months
  • Priceline up 47% in 18 months

Just to name a few!

Cabot Benjamin Graham Value Investor follows an ultra-safe strategy that has generated an annualized return of 20% every year for more than 80 years through every kind of market.

You should be a subscriber.

“Very good newsletter that can be used to diversify a stock portfolio and assist in monitoring investments. Doesn’t use gimmicks that pretend to take the uncertainty out of investing.”
-S. Kiselewski, West Hill, Ontario, Canada

So how about it? Are you ready to shoot for better-than-market returns?

Are you ready to buy low and sell high like the pros?

Are you ready to earn returns like 48%, 53%, 62%, 107% and more in undervalued companies that Wall Street never tells you about and that other investors never hear about? Great!

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Here’s the best news.

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But you won’t pay $1,000 for Cabot Benjamin Graham Value Investor.

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“Thanks very much for the advice. I really appreciate how quickly and thoroughly you have answered each of my emails, and it only adds to the satisfaction I have with the Value Letter. I have told several of my associates about both the letter and your personal replies; you have certainly earned my future business. Thanks again.”—L. Kasuske, Seattle, Washington, U.S.A.

You face a choice now …

You can continue to settle for mediocre returns … or you can take immediate action now that protects your hard-earned money from the market’s downswings and puts big profits in your pocket using the same system that Warren Buffett has sworn by for more than 40 years.


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Timothy Lutts
Publisher, Cabot Wealth Network

P.S. Don’t forget about our satisfaction guarantee: Try the Cabot Benjamin Graham Value Investor for 30 days. If you decide it’s not for you, let us know. We’ll gladly reimburse you every penny. The issues you received and your free bonus report are yours to keep.

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