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Fellow Investor,

As I have been saying for months, the Republican tax overhaul bill would send stocks soaring.

That’s exactly what has happened, with both the Dow and S&P 500 hitting record highs on December 4.

Make no mistake—these tax cuts will continue to shift the stock market rally into overdrive.

The result will also spur a shift out of stocks that have outperformed this year into the underperformers—AAA-rated stocks with much more room to grow and whose fortunes will get a huge boost from tax reform.

This is why foreign-investor money is pouring into the stock market at the fastest pace in years—all in search of one thing: the highest quality and highest performing stocks.

We’ve been forecasting this for months.

Now is the time to strike.

This is what has made my Cabot Stock of the Week advisory famous, by bringing investors Wall Street’s highest quality stocks on a weekly basis.

Our 47-year track record speaks for itself.

  • 281 investments of 100% or more
  • 211 investments of 150% or more
  • 132 investments of 200% or more
  • 57 investments of 300% or more
  • 23 investments of 500% or more

That’s why our readers consider our Cabot Stock of the Week advisory The Ultimate Stock Picking Service and why you’ll consider it the best way to multiply your wealth from this new profit surge.

With an infusion of billions of dollars of foreign cash flooding into the markets, we recommend sticking with the purebreds, high-quality firms generating lots of cash and expanding their market share.

Companies with pipelines of diverse products, respected management and fat profit margins.

You’ll find the BEST of the BEST in our weekly picks.

That’s because they represent the highest quality growth, value, dividend, small cap, emerging markets and undervalued investments in the market.

Companies that not only dominate their sectors and their competition but continue to reward their shareholders with market-beating performance.

Just look at how a few of our previous stocks of the week have performed year to date:

  • Our top biotech firm is up 311%
  • Our top financial services company is up 166%
  • Our top travel company is up 117%
  • Our top home builder is up 85%
  • Our top lithium producer is up 82%

Thanks to the money that’s pouring into the market now, we should see some significant runs in these stocks as we head into earnings season.

To help you catch the next wave of profits, I’m going to give you 30 days to test-drive my Cabot Stock of the Week advisory.

You Will Be Stunned at the Life-Changing Profits Our New
Cabot Stock of the Week Advisory Can Bring You

Just look:

These are actual gains that our No. 1 picks across seven of our advisories handed our readers over the past 47 years that you’ll now begin to receive on a weekly basis—all thanks to our proprietary Spectrum ranking system that cherry-picks the highest-performing stocks among our advisories.

  • Netflix, +12,037%
  • Apple, +4,330%
  • Chipotle, +927%
  • MasterCard, +317%
  • Illumina, +605%
  •, +592%
  • Incyte Corporation, +806%
  • Vipshop Holdings, +823%
  • Tesla, 1,120%
  • Google, +766%
  • Jazz Pharmaceuticals, +1,157%
  • Ctrip, +297%
  • Priceline, +577%
  • NetEase, +524%
  • Nautilus, +109%

Results like these have made it possible for us to place the Cabot name on our Cabot Stock of the Week advisory, as it truly brings you the most profitable stocks on the planet on a weekly basis.

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Here’s What You’ll Like Best About Cabot Stock of the Week

Cabot Stock of the Week brings you the best stock available for purchase that week from seven of our stock advisories—whether it be a fast-growing small-cap, big blue chip, high dividend payer, undervalued play or emerging markets opportunity.

All while helping you build the high-growth portfolio of No. 1 picks across all sectors.

A high growth portfolio that combines the market-beating advantages of our Cabot Growth Investor, Cabot Dividend Investor, Cabot Small-Cap Confidential, Cabot Top Ten Trader, Cabot Emerging Markets Investor, Cabot Undervalued Stocks Advisor and Cabot Benjamin Graham Value Investor—all in a powerful new way that capitalizes on their winningest stocks.

As a result, you’ll never again miss out on a fast money-doubling trade or big sector move because you’ll always own our No. 1 pick.

All without your having to subscribe to seven separate advisories.

You’ll find nothing is easier…

That’s because our Spectrum ranking system automatically zeroes in on the No. 1 pick for each week and sends it directly to your inbox every Tuesday.

That’s because you’ll always own the best of the best stocks within the Cabot universe, culled directly from our seven market-beating advisories.

If you are already a member of our Cabot Growth Investor, Cabot Dividend Investor, Cabot Small-Cap Confidential, Cabot Top Ten Trader, Cabot Emerging Markets Investor, Cabot Benjamin Graham Value Investor or Cabot Undervalued Stocks Advisor, then you already know how simple we make it to profit from our recommendations.

Cabot Stock of the Week operates the same way, by telling you what to buy, what to pay, when to sell and which new Cabot Stock of the Week recommendation to roll your profits into with easy-to-follow, plain English instructions a kindergartner could follow.

It’s truly that easy.

If you’re willing to spend 10 minutes a week investing alongside us, you, too, could double your money in the next 12 months.

Take A Quick Look at This Stock of the Week and You’ll See
Why I Think the Next 12 Months Should Bring us Great Results

The opportunity that I’m about to describe could be the closest thing to a sure thing that I’ve seen in the past four years.

In fact, it’s so big that I’d be willing to bet that this company could give us Tesla-like returns over the next four years.

What makes me say so? Because this company is operating in the service sector and is growing rapidly thanks to its improved operations over the last few years.

The company’s revenues grew by approximately 45% in each of the first three quarters of 2017.

And the stock is reflecting the improvement, growing rapidly and giving investors 55% gains since the start of the year. With double-digit revenue growth and continuing business expansion, this company has much more room to grow.

And it wouldn’t surprise me if the stock doubled in the months to come.

That’s a big claim I know, but not when you consider our No. 1 picks have doubled investors’ money 281 times over the past 47 years.

This is why our Cabot Stock of the Week recommendations are backed by our profit guarantee.

You’ll get the full story on this Stock of the Week, along with our complete portfolio of No. 1 picks the moment you join us.

The Benefits of Joining are Priceless

That’s because our weekly top picks will give you an opportunity to turn $10,000 into $25,000 in a year … into $100,000 in three years … and into $1 million or more over the next five to ten years—just as they have since we launched our first advisory 46 years ago.

The moment you join you’ll get:

Direct access to our Spectrum system, exclusive to Cabot Stock of the Week, which has been tested and proven to cherry-pick the most profitable stocks across all of our seven advisories weekly—even in periods of recession, inflation and market downswings.

50 weekly issues of Cabot Stock of the Week, delivered directly to your inbox every Tuesday. Each issue will bring you the No. 1 stock across all of our advisories without you having to subscribe to all seven advisories and filter through dozens of stocks.

24/7 access to our private website, featuring the most recent issue and alert, your FREE special reports and forecasts and our archive of past issues and reports.

Personalized investor relations staff. Should you have any questions concerning Spectrum, our recommendations or portfolio adjustments, my staff will be here to take your calls every day the market is open from 9:30 am to 4:30 pm eastern time.

Direct email contact with me, chief investment analyst Timothy Lutts. As a member you can write me and get a written response within 48 hours. It’s all part of the special attention you will receive that comes with your Cabot Stock of the Week membership.

Our Guarantee. For more than four decades, the Cabot organization has earned not only the trust of the professional investment community but that of its readers as well. Frankly, we wouldn’t have been around this long if we didn’t deliver quality research, analysis and, most important, results.

For these reasons, if you feel that Cabot Stock of the Week is not delivering on this promise, just let us know and we will send you a no-questions-asked refund on the balance of your membership if you cancel within the first 30 days.

You’ll Love the Cost Too—Less Than $3 a Day

That’s not a misprint either.

Considering the breakout profits our No. 1 picks have generated over the past 46 years, you would think it would cost a fortune to join.

Frankly, nothing could be further from the truth.

As a loyal Cabot reader, you’ll be able to join us for less than half the cost of our individual advisories combined.

So instead of paying …

  • $497 for a year’s worth of Cabot Growth Investor
  • $297 for a year’s worth of Cabot Dividend Investor
  • $1,497 for a year’s worth of Cabot Small-Cap Confidential
  • $397 for a year’s worth of Cabot Emerging Markets Investor
  • $397 for a year’s worth of Cabot Top Ten Trader
  • $297 for a year’s worth of Cabot Ben Graham Value Investor
  • $297 for a year’s worth of Cabot Undervalued Stocks Advisor …

… you will receive Cabot’s Stock of the Week for the low annual membership fee of $997.

That’s not only a savings of $2,682 but at less than $3 day, a steal of a deal considering you’ll be receiving Cabot’s No. 1 pick each week without having to subscribe to seven of our advisories.

Again: With our money-back guarantee, that’s quite a bargain, considering you can cancel within the first 30 days and get your money back on the balance of your subscription while locking in our Charter Member price now.

Naturally, I couldn’t offer you such a strong deal if I didn’t believe that Cabot Stock of the Week would deliver as promised. With our 47-year track record for building wealth, I believe you won’t be disappointed.

When you add everything up, how can you possibly say no?

You get:

  • A full year’s worth of Cabot Stock of The Week, featuring 50 No. 1 picks culled from our seven market-beating advisories,
  • Low $3 per day Charter Member price, plus our
  • Money-back guarantee.

So is it a deal?

I hope so because membership is strictly limited to 500 members.

Here’s why:

Because Cabot Stock of the Week brings you Cabot’s No. 1 stock for the week, we cannot accept too many members, since too many investors buying our top pick each week could push our recommendation above our buy prices.

The best way for me to ensure that you will double your money in the next 12 months is to limit our service.

Which is why I suggest you join immediately.

Because at less than $3 a day I can’t promise that any of our spaces will be available.

So if you’d like to see how Cabot Stock of the Week can double your money in the next 12 months, I urge you to secure your spot by joining us now.

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Welcome aboard,

Tim signature

Timothy Lutts, Chief Investment Officer
Cabot Stock of the Week

P.S. If you’ve read this far and are still on the fence about joining, please consider this:

Over the past 47 years, our readers doubled their money more than 200 times owning our No. 1 picks across our seven advisories, with gains as high at 12,037%.

With the launch of Cabot Stock of the Week, we’ll be able to send you our top picks directly to your inbox each week without your having to subscribe to all seven publications.

And at less than $3 a day for a year’s membership—backed by our profit guarantee—that’s not just a steal of a deal …

… but why we expect all of our available memberships to be scooped up quickly.

REMEMBER: Once these spaces are full, this Charter Membership offer will close.

That’s why I urge you to sign up immediately.

I believe it will be the most profitable investment decision you make this year.

Again, our money-back guarantee promises just that.