Big Week Ahead for Momentum Traders

15% to 20% profits in the next seven days
as 580 companies declare earnings

Will You Be Ready?

Fellow Investor,

This has got to be the biggest trading week of the year, and I want to make sure you don’t miss it.

Over 500 companies will be declaring earnings next week while eight big government reports will be released. The result will create a stock surge of epic proportions.

If you can position yourself correctly in our top ten trades, you could grab 15% to 20% gains in the next seven days and 30% to 50% gains soon after that.

But only if you act now.

Here’s why:

  • S&P 500 revenue is projected to jump 71.7% year on year—that would be the best performance in five years.
  • Employment continues to get stronger, with ADP’s jobs forecast soundly beating the expectations for three of the past four months.
  • Housing continues to strengthen, with USA Today reporting that existing home sales rose 3.3% in January while new home sales rose 4.7%.
  • Volatility continues to remain low—with MarketWatch reporting the VIX logging its second lowest quarterly closing ever at 11.68.
  • When you add to that the fact that consumer confidence has jumped to its highest level since March of 2000, you can only conclude that we are going to continue to see the market surge even higher.

This momentum has already translated into 30 double-digit winners for us since the first of the year, giving us winners like these:

  • Clovis Technology: +53.00%
  • Coherent: +48.55%
  • Applied Optoelectronics: +37.93%
  • Glaukos: +36.00%
  • Portola Pharmaceuticals: +32.20%
  • Micron Technology: +30%
  • +29.31%
  • Square: +26%
  • Shopify: +23.90%
  • Grand Canyon Edu.: +23.00%
  • Tal Education: +25.00%











Yet, as great as these trades have been …

We Should See Bigger Profits Next Week

You see, on top of these 580 companies declaring earnings, eight key economic events will be reported:

  1. Job openings
  2. Crude inventories
  3. Export prices
  4. Import prices
  5. MBA mortgage applications
  6. MBA Mortgage Index
  7. Natural Gas Inventories
  8. Producer Price Index

Together, you should not only see the market continue to zoom well past 21,000 but also …

Grab 15% to 20% Gains in The Next Seven Days

How can I make such a guarantee? Easy.

Our scientifically developed, fully computerized, momentum-based stock picking system identifies Wall Street’s fastest-moving stocks days and even weeks before they explode.

And our track record proves it works. Just look:

  • Tesla Motors: +600%
  • Vipshop Holdings: +303%
  • Qihoo 360 Technology: +191%
  • Acacia Communications: +153%
  • Weibo: +139%
  • Barrick Gold: +110%
  • Nvidia: +250%
  • Agnico Eagle Mines: +100%
  • Newmont Mining: +83%
  • Netflix: +133%
  • Canadian Solar: +126%
  • Yelp: +122%
  • Mihael Kors: +85%
  • Facebook: +84%
  • Forest Labs: +83%
  • Actavis: +82%
  • MasTec: +105%
  • Cheniere Energy: +75%
  • Micron Technology: +70%
  • Ulta Beauty +68%
  • Regeneron Pharmaceuticals: +63%
  • BE Aerospace: +59%
  • YY Inc.: +57%
  • National Storage: +50%
  • Silver Wheaton: +66%
  • Southwestern Energy: +50%
  • Gigamon: +61%
  • Medivation: +65%
  • Burlington Store: +54%
  • Silicon Motion: +53%
  • Parsley Energy: +50%
  • Edwards Lifesciences: +48%


That’s why Cabot Top Ten Trader has become the #1 choice for independent traders like you. Traders who don’t have five hours a day to watch the markets, crunch the numbers or worry about when to take profits.

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Why Now Is a Great Time to Join Us

As we head straight into earnings season, our Optimo Trading System is seeing a lot of smart money flow into a number of select stocks, in advance of announcing positive earnings surprises.

Judging by the action, many of those surprises could be in the double- and triple-digit range. The companies we’re trading could be the biggest winners of all, because they’re all:

• Riding the trends higher in their own sectors,

• In possession of incredible sales and profit growth,

• Set to break out on earnings,

• At the technical tipping point of a breakout,

• Confirmed by both their stock charts and supporting fundamentals,

• Heading directly into earnings season,

• Attracting big-money investors who also envision an even bigger bump in the weeks ahead, and

• Enjoying sizable increased volume by institutional investors.


• They match the trading signals that led us to 600% gains in Tesla Motors, 250% in Nvidia, 303% in Vipshop Holdings, 191% in Qihoo 360 Technology, 154% in Acacia Communications and 154% in Weibo.

That’s what Cabot Top Ten Trader does with uncanny accuracy: gets you into the trades before they break out.

If This Week’s Trades Don’t Hand You 15%
to 20% in the Next Seven Days …

… or 30 to 50% Profits in the Next 30
Days—You Won’t Pay a Dime

That, my friend, is just how convinced I am that next week’s trades will jump on earnings and continue to pile on the profits.

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My 100% money-back guarantee promises just that.

That’s why I think you’ll find Cabot Top Ten Trader is the …

The Perfect Trading Advisory for Investors Who Want to Scoop Up Big Short-Term Profits

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The results have left our readers smiling all the way to the bank, with annualized profits of up to 50% on each of our trades—coming in as little as 30 days—even with the losers thrown in.

All thanks to breakout winners like these …

  • Coherent: 151%
  • Continental Resources: 122%
  • Encore Aqua: 101%
  • McMorRan Exploration: 91%
  • Zillow: 52%
  • Universal Display: 107%
  • Cleveland Cliffs: 93%
  • M&F Wordwide: 78%
  • RSP Permian: 60%
  • Comm Sales&Leasing: 52%


All by using the same time-proven Cabot technical system that’s doubled our readers’ money 29 times in 46 years—only to grab shorter-term profits.

Just like Cabot Growth Investor and our other advisories, we do it all for you without you having to do any kind of chart reading or calculations. Our crystal clear instructions will tell you what to buy, what to pay and which new trades to roll your profits into.

Nothing is easier.

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When I look at the market today, I see more potential than I’ve seen in the past six months.

Judging from the action that we’re seeing, nearly every one of this week’s Top Ten trades is set to announce blowout numbers and the smart money is beginning to pile in.

That’s why if you wait until after the earnings reports come out, the big profits will have passed you by.

That’s why if you’re serious about grabbing your share of profits from these quick trades, now IS the time to join us …

… I guarantee you’ll never see a better deal or join at a better time, as the market is clearly headed up and our stocks are all set to break out.

Don’t delay.

Again, with my money-back guarantee, you have nothing to lose and everything to gain.



Mike Cintolo
Chief Analyst, Cabot Top Ten Trader

P.S. Don’t let this major profit opportunity pass you by.