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Here at Cabot, we have a special relationship with nearly all of Wall Street’s top investment advisors.

That’s why 200 of Wall Street’s top investment advisors give us their top stock picks each month FREE through the pages of our Wall Street’s Best Investments.

That’s also why they pass along their No.1 consensus picks for 2017 FREE as well.

Who, exactly, am I speaking of?

  • Bob Brinker, editor of Market Timer and host of the weekend radio financial talk program Money Talk, whose three wealth-building portfolios have handed investors 2,072%, 1,669%, and 669% since inception
  • John Bollinger, editor of Capital Growth Letter and creator of “The Bollinger Bands” that thousands of technical investors rely on daily to maximize their trading profits
  • Roger Conrad, former editor of Utility Forecaster, whose reputation for finding Wall Street’s highest dividend-paying stocks for the past 20 years is unequaled. Rated by The Hulbert Financial Digest as one of the best stock pickers of all time, you’ll find his top picks here in Wall Street’s Best Investments, too
  • Dr. Stephen Leeb, editor of Leeb Performance Income and founder of the Leeb Group, whose independently verified performance record has been ranked in the top 5% among peers, according to Informa’s PSN manager database
  • James Stack, president of Stack Financial Management and the InvesTech Research advisory, which helps hundreds of thousands of investors make better and more profitable investment decisions

These are just five of the more than 200 investment advisors whose top picks we republish. Other advisors include Adrian Day, David Dittman, Bob Carlson, Charles B. Carlson, Harry Domash, Richard Moroney and Gordon Pape—to name just a few.

All top-rated money managers and investment professionals who have made their readers millions of dollars over the years and who, altogether, charge $20,000 for their annual advice.

Why do they give us their top picks FREE?

Because over 300,000 investors read our 12 wealth-building advisories, and sending us their picks FREE to redistribute is great advertising for them.

They do so in hopes that you’ll like their advice and you may want to subscribe to their advice.

Why do we do this?

Two reasons:

  1. Because we’re part of a bigger collegial community of investment advisors with the same goal: to help our combined readers safely and securely build their wealth.
  2. Because our sole mission at Cabot is to bring our readers the best investment ideas on the planet.

As part of that commitment, we painstakingly compile a list of their consensus top 10 picks for the next year send them to our Wall Street’s Best Daily readers FREE.

You’re not going to want to miss this. Last year our Top 5 picks not only averaged a colossal 140% but also beat the broad markets 7 to 1.

That doesn’t include the numerous double-digit winners that richly rewarded our readers as well.

This year’s forecast issue features 40 stocks for money-doubling gains in the next 12 to 18 months.

You would have to subscribe to more than 200 advisories to get this information—not to mention the hours you’d spend compiling it.

However, as a part of this special invitation I’m going to give you an advance copy of this annual investing guide FREE.

All I ask in return is that you give Wall Street’s Best Investments a risk-free try.

I Guarantee the Profits Wall Street’s Best Investments
Will Bring You Will Leave You Breathless

Here’s a small sampling of the profits our readers have enjoyed over the years from Wall Street’s top minds directly through our monthly advisory.

  1. 683% in Questcor from Richard Schmidt, Stellar Stocks Alert
  2. 1506% in Keurig Green Mountain from Mike Cintolo, Cabot Top Ten Trader
  3. 1111% in Netflix from Ron Rowland, All-Star Investor
  4. 857% in Bidu from Charles B. Carlson, CFA, Drip Investor
  5. 728% in Valeant Pharmaceuticals from Ronald Sadoff, Major Trends
  6. 778% in Apple from Alan B. Lancz, The Lancz Letter
  7. 545% in SanDisk from George Putnam, III, The Turnaround Letter
  8. 520% in Chipotle from Patrick McKeough, Stock Pickers Digest
  9. 389% in Headwaters from Nick Hodge, Alternative Energy Speculator
  10. 367% in Core Labs from Joseph Parnes, Shortex Market Letter
  11. 370% in Southwest from Sam Subramaniam, Alpha Profit Sector Investors
  12. 381% in Amazon from Elliott Gue, Personal Finance
  13. 379% in Callon Petroleum from Bill Mathews, The Cheap Investor
  14. 304% in United Health from Gray Cardiff, Sound Advice
  15. 301% in Cubist from Nate Pile, Nate’s Notes
  16. 297% in Webster from Joe Granville, Granville Market Letter
  17. 159% in Energen from Richard J. Moroney, Dow Theory Forecasts

Wait Until You See this Year’s Top Picks

These are the stocks that nearly all Wall Street’s top guns have on their buy lists that they see doubling in the next 12 to 18 months.

For example…

Stock No. 1

Best Biotech Stock Now.

Up 66% over the past 12 months, this company has cornered the controlled substances drug market for both branded and generic prescription pharmaceuticals.

As you’ll see in our January forecast, the company focuses on producing controlled substances for pain management (narcotics), anti-cancer (oncolytics), women’s health (hormones and steroids) and complex formulations including extended release and combination products—with eight products that are either number one or number two in terms of market share.

With 25 drugs on the market right now and with another 75 under development, we see the company repeating it’s 2016 gains and then some.

Here’s why. In 2016, the company introduced 11 new products that led to 50% revenue growth. What’s more, they have two new products that should double the revenue base within two years: One drug which is used to treat multiple sclerosis and rheumatoid arthritis; and the other, which is a beta blocker used to treat high blood pressure.

Together, we see the company not only doubling its revenue but seeing its stock price doubling as well.

Stock No. 2

Best Housing Play Now.

Surprisingly, it’s in the financial sector. REASON: That’s where you’re going to see much faster growth. Here’s why: With President Trump committed to cutting taxes, upgrading infrastructure and creating more jobs, you are going to see home ownership and home prices soar. That, in turn, will result in additional revenues for this company that has seen its stock rise 98% in the last 12 months.

Here’s what makes this the best housing play now:

1. It’s a mortgage insurance play.
2. 90% of its borrowers have FICO scores above 720,
3. None of its clients have interest only loans and
4. None have zero down payments.

Thanks to its rock solid book of business, analysts are expecting earnings to jump 375% in 2017.

With two positive earnings surprises in a row along with one top analyst raising their earnings expectations for 2017, this is one stock we’re recommending you buy now and hold on to for the long term.

Stock No. 3

Best Turnaround Play for 2017.

Surprisingly, it’s a gold mining stock!

In fact, it’s already on the move—up 23% in the past 30 days thanks to rising gold prices. With Credit Suisse and RBC calling for gold to hit $1500/oz. this year, this gold miner could easily double in value by New Year’s of 2018.

What we like best about this company is its:

1. Improving cost profile
2. Strong cash flow, and
3. Balance sheet

With President Trump calling for greater exports and a weaker dollar, we see gold prices rising dramatically in 2017—boosting this company’s sales and earnings exponentially. With top analysts forecasting 345% earnings growth this year, this is one turnaround play you don’t want to miss.

Stock No. 4

Meet The New King of Content Marketing

This tiny digital marketing company could soon become the world’s biggest beneficiary of the new online marketing revolution. Here’s why: It’s the most integrated digital marketing company in the world.

As a result, their online products allow companies, publishers and marketers the ability to get their information in front of their best customers with a few clicks of a mouse.

The wealth trigger here is how their systems allow their customers to upload content quickly at substantial cost savings and launch new products quickly and measure impact in real time.

The result gives their customers not only the means to target their customers with instant messaging but also continually refine their messaging to increase their results.

So it’s no wonder that their clients’ list looks like a who’s who of the biggest companies and publishers of the world, including Apple, Sony, Dell, United Airlines, Sony, Nortel Networks, Barron’s and Conde Nast—just to name a few.

You’ll get the full story, and why it’s one of the top picks of 2017, in your annual forecast.

In all, your Free report brings you the 40 best stocks of 2017 direct to you from 200 of Wall Streets top guns. Again, this report is yours, absolutely free … for giving Wall Street’s Best Investments a try.

Your forecast issue is the perfect sampler of investment advice from Wall Street’s best minds, with opinions and insights you won’t find anywhere else.

That’s Why There’s Nothing Like
Wall Street’s Best Investments

You get:

  • Head-to-head market views from top contributors so that you can get a better grasp on where the economy is heading by being able to compare and contrast their economic overviews. That’s something you’ll never get from The Wall Street Journal or any of the financial news shows.
  • Investment ideas across the spectrum of investing, including growth stocks, income stocks, emerging markets, value plays and turnaround stocks—all with head-to-head comparisons giving you a “best in class” review in one glance.
  • 35 top recommendations per issue. That’s more than you’ll find in any individual investment advisory! Plus, you’ll also receive follow-ups and sell alerts the moment one of our featured gurus makes a change in his or her holdings.
  • Daily Investment Alert, featuring the best stock-buying opportunity in the market, culled from the more than 200 recommendations these top guns send us daily.
  • The Guru Consensus. Because we have access to everybody’s top picks, we are able to give our readers something even greater than their individual picks: their consensus picks as well. Exclusive to Wall Street’s Best Investments—no other investment advisory on the planet offers this.
  • Early Warning Alerts. Again, our access to 200 other advisories gives us an advantage no other publication has—an advisory sentiment barometer that can pinpoint both market and sector changes long before you read or hear about them in the financial media.
  • Private website featuring an archive of top recommendations dating back 10 years.

Plus, with Nancy Zambell as Our Editor, Every Monthly Issue and Daily Alert Is a Lot Like Attending a Money Show Conference—Only Better

That’s a big claim, I know.

But not if you’ve attended one of the Money Show conferences that are held around the country quarterly or have seen Nancy Zambell speak or interview other advisors as The Money Show TV’s host and interviewer.

  • As a lecturer and educator, Nancy has led seminars for individual investors at the National Association of Investors, the Investment Expo and the Money Show for over 30 years—helping thousands of individual investors navigate the minefields of the financial industry.
  • As an investment advisor, she has also created and written numerous market-beating publications, including UnDiscovered Stocks, UnTapped Opportunities and Nancy Zambell’s Buried Treasures under $10.
  • Due to her unique understanding of the investment markets and highly accurate forecasts, she has been quoted extensively in The Wall Street Journal, Investor’s Business Daily, USA Today and Businessweek.

That’s precisely the deep perspective and economic overview she brings to Wall Street’s Best Investments, along with her ability to separate the winning picks from the losers.

Unlike at a Money Show conference, where you would have to sit through two eight-hour days to get the top picks of more than 200 investment advisors, Nancy sorts, ranks and compiles their collective top picks and sends them directly to you.

  • Every month you get more than 35 top picks handpicked by Nancy, including 16 pages of tightly written editorial, which includes her economic overview and consensus picks
  • Every day you get one top new recommendation culled from the hundreds that advisors send us.
  • You also get Nancy’s market-beating take on all these recommendations, along with guru interviews exclusive to Wall Street’s Best Investments.
  • Plus, you also get website access where all these recommendations are organized and stored digitally for you so that you can retrieve this stock information any time you want it.
  • All without your having to leave your home!

So when I say subscribing to Wall Street’s Best Investments is like attending a Money Show conference only better, I mean it because we bring $20,000 worth of annual investing advice to you FREE every month.

So How Can All This Be Free

Let me explain …

Because we don’t pay them a dime for these top gun’s recommendations, and neither will you. That part is free.

We charge only enough to cover the cost of Nancy’s four-person staff, along with a small processing fee to:

  • Review the hundreds of monthly stock picks they send us
  • Edit them down to the top 35 or more
  • Compile them into our monthly issue
  • Follow up on hundreds of past recommendations in subsequent issues
  • Maintain the website, including the archive of recommendations
  • Cull out the monthly consensus picks, and
  • Send you the daily updates.

How much is that? Not as much as you think—especially when you compare it to the $20,000 a year or so it would cost to subscribe to all 200 publications.

In fact, because Nancy’s staff does double duty on our other publications, we’re able to bring the cost per member for Wall Street’s Best Investments to about $14 a month, or $167 a year.

I don’t know about you, but to me that’s a steal of deal considering that you’ll be receiving the top picks from Wall Street’s top guns in one complete monthly digest—along with updates and new picks every day the market is open.

That price includes everything I mentioned earlier:

  • 12 monthly issues, featuring 35 top recommendations per issue
  • Daily alerts sent directly to your email inbox featuring one new top pick per day,
  • Follow up coverage on all recommendations;
  • Access to our private website and archive, consensus picks, along with
  • Nancy’s economic overview and exclusive interviews with our contributors,
  • Plus our annual top stocks investing guide.

I think you’ll agree that’s an irresistibly attractive offer and a diamond-studded opportunity for you to sample the top picks of Wall Street’s top guns when you consider …

With Our Money-Back Guarantee
There’s No Way You Can Lose Either

For more than four decades, the Cabot organization has earned not only the trust of the professional investment community but also that of its readers as well. Frankly, we wouldn’t have been around this long if we didn’t deliver quality research, analysis, and, most important, results.

Our goal from the beginning has always been to make certain that we provide our members the best and most profitable investment advice on the planet.

For these reasons, Wall Street’s Best Investments is also backed by our 100% lifetime money-back guarantee.

So if you feel that we are not delivering on our promise to bring you the top stock recommendations of Wall Street’s top investment advisors, we’ll send you ALL YOUR MONEY BACK within 30 days. After that, you’re STILL protected for the life of your subscription right up to your last issue if you’re not satisfied. Just let us know and we’ll send you a full refund of the balance of your subscription term—no questions asked.

So there’s no way you can lose!

Naturally, I couldn’t offer you such a strong guarantee if I didn’t believe that Wall Street’s Best Investments would deliver as promised. With our 46-year track record of building wealth, I know you won’t be disappointed.

So why not join us and test-drive Wall Street’s Best Investments on my dime before you make a final decision?

There’s Just One Catch

As the publisher of Wall Street’s Best Investments, I wish we could offer memberships to everyone who wants to join, but we can’t.

As part of our republishing agreement, these advisors require that we limit the number of people who can subscribe to Wall Street’s Best Investments.

The reason is simple: Like us, they, too, are in the business of selling their advice.

That’s the whole reason they agreed to give us their top picks to republish, so that our readers can sample their advice before deciding to subscribe to their publications.

That’s why we must limit new memberships to just 500 per enrollment period and require that you not share, sell or redistribute these high-profit trades.

I think that’s a fair trade—especially because as part of this deal you get to sample their picks privately.

Which is why, if you like the idea of sampling the top picks of more than 200 gurus monthly and the exclusivity and privacy that come with being a member, I would suggest you claim one of our 500 spaces immediately.

It’s no wonder. When you get $20,000 worth of annual investing advice a year from Wall Street’s 200 top stock gurus for only $14 a month—all the seats usually sell out within 12 hours.

So if you are interested in stealing the top picks of Wall Street’s 200 leading advisors that a subscription to Wall Street’s Best Investments brings you, I hope you’ll let us know quickly and secure your seat NOW.

When you do you’ll automatically secure your space and receive your free copy of our annual forecast issue. And the best part is, you have absolutely nothing to risk by responding to my invitation today.

Welcome aboard,

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Timothy Lutts, Publisher Wall Street’s Best Investments

PS: I can’t stress enough what an incredible value Wall Street’s Best Investments offers you:

  1. Opportunity to grab the top stock picks of 200 of Wall Street’s most profitable investors every month—FREE
  2. A monthly digest of 35+ top picks handpicked by Nancy Zambell
  3. Follow-ups on all these recommendations
  4. One top recommendation daily, sent directly to your email inbox
  5. Consensus forecast and picks exclusive to Wall Street’s Best Investments
  6. Private website and archive of past picks
  7. Your complete anonymity
  8. All for only $14 a month

So if you are thinking you might want to join us, now is the time do so and profit from our best picks for 2017.

I just can’t make it any easier, more convenient, more affordable, or more risk-free for you to try Wall Street’s Best Investments and sample the advice of Wall Street’s best minds without your risking a dime.

So what are you waiting for?